Investment and Financial Planning Options

In working with Adam Smit Investment Management LLC, you have the flexibility to determine in what capacity, and to what degree, your Financial Advisor serves you. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Through LPL Financial, acting as a broker/dealer and as a registered investment advisor, we offer Brokerage Services, Advisory Services, as well as Financial Planning Services. There are important considerations when deciding which type of service best serves your financial goals and needs. Regardless of the capacity in which we serve you, we employ industry leading technology, security selection and support and are committed to helping you work towards pursuing your financial goals.

Brokerage services allow you to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments by working with your financial consultant to execute those transactions within your account. When a transaction is placed on your behalf, a commission is charged for those investments. The amount of commission in a brokerage relationship varies depending on the investment product selected. Transactions are only executed upon your consent and Advisor discretion is not permissible in a brokerage account. We work with you to understand your financial goals and circumstances, make suitable investment recommendations, and execute those on your behalf.

Advisory services allow you to work with your Financial Advisor to invest in a wide range of investment options including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and various other investments. Acting as a fiduciary, we provide ongoing investment advice and related services for a fee rather than a commission. These services may be done on a discretionary basis, which means you do not need to direct your Advisor to make investment transactions or rebalance your account. Instead of commissions, an advisory management fee is assessed based on the market value of the assets in your account. This structure aligns your Advisor's compensation to the investment results within your account.

Financial Planning services are available for clients that simply want professional financial guidance. With this service, you will receive advice and insight to pursue your financial objectives, and if applicable, make recommendations for suitable financial products to match your needs. This service may include a written comprehensive financial plan or may be more focused in specific areas such as retirement, education, estate planning, or in goal setting and asset allocation. Services are provided on an hourly basis and determined and mutually agreed upon prior to engaging in those services.